Hydro power plant


BM Greenpower operates in mini hydroelectric segment in code SHPP building plants between 20 kW and 10 MW. Vertically integrated, starting from feasibility study to get to the management and maintenance, BM Greenpower is the ideal partner for your hydropower project.

The services offered are:

support in the business plans, due diligence and financing
project financing
development of the concession junction
realization of hydraulic design, civil and electrical
realization of the intake, penstocks, cut-off
realization central buildings and restitution works
production group (Pelton, Francis, Kaplan, augers)
Automation and Control
cabins and connecting lines MT / AT
GSE practices
maintenance and monitoring service

HYDROGEN: “the hydroelectric plant in container”. This is the innovative hydroelectric system “plug and play” proposed by BM Greenpowerfor plants with power from 3 to 250 kW. The unit is supplied in box solution, fully functional. The installation of this system provides the hydraulic and electric connection, ready to start and produce electricity. A simple solution with low installation costs suitable on existing pipelines and where it is not possible to build construction works.