Gasification is a high-efficiency method to convert the energy contained in the bio-fuel into electrical and thermal. In the plant of wood biomass gasification BM Greenpower, woody biomass, once dried and ready for use, it is inserted into the gasifier which, through its process, generates the syngas and produces thermal energy. The amount of energy produced in this way feeds a combustion engine that converts the energy contained in the syngas into mechanical and thermal energy. The motor in turn is connected to an electric generator which converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. The energy is networking. The thermal energy (engine cooling and exhaust fumes) is used to dry the wood chips and can also be used to heat water, for district heating, etc. Thanks to a control panel with touch screen monitor, the customer can access all the thermal and electrical parameters of the system, by acting on the management and monitoring proper operation. The energy team of engineers and experts in the agricultural and forestry sector provides the customer with a complete advisory, not only for the realization of the plant but also with regard to the analysis of the available raw material and its better use, in order to optimize stretch your investment.