Customer oriented


BM Greenpower EPC is the provider you can entrust with the execution of all your plants (civil, mechanical, electric, automation and supervision, administrative support) thanks to its team of business consultants, engineers, technicians and specialized project managers, who can combine systems for power generation with the most advanced technology, guaranteeing an efficient customer support and plant management together with customized investment solutions.

Feasibility study

Feasibility studies for the energy sector are the starting point of our work. They allow to determine the technical features of an intervention and the profitability of an investment in view of future reductions in energy consumption and possible incentive measures. This first stage analyses every single detail necessary to determine the sustainability of a plant, both technically and economically. Therefore, this analysis represents an essential procedure to find the most appropriate technology and minimize the financial risks related to an investment.

Business Plan

BM Greenpower offers specific business plans to its customers, which highlight the actual return on their investment, provide an evaluation of the entire realization process and describe the advantages deriving from choosing this form of power generation. Starting from the energy requirements of the customer, planning costs are analysed to issue an economic and financial plan, in which incentive measures are calculated and an amortization and return-on-investment scheme is drawn up. Both technical documentation and bureaucratic paperwork are directly issued by our technical office, which also estimates possible future maintenance costs in order to guarantee the maximum transparency and clarity to the customer.


The design activity includes the planning and organization of all execution phases of a projectand provides advice for the obtainment of the necessary authorizations. The technical office of BM Greenpower carries out surveys, topographical and geomorphological studies of sites, schematic diagrams of plants and, once the economic evaluation has been approved, takes care of all the administrative procedures required to start work. From this point on, project managers, who are the point of contact for our customers, coordinate the entire project.


BM Greenpower professionals are also responsible for the commissioning. In particular, the installation is the most delicate stage of the entire production process. From construction and hydraulic works totesting, every detail is thoroughly taken care of. The management and control system is turned on and, in the simulation as well as in the commissioning stage, the operators responsible for the control and management of the plant are duly trained. Project managers interact with the technicians of various units and supervise the state of progress and its compliance with the relevant deadlines.


Training, prevention and continuous monitoring contribute to ensure that plants operate efficiently and smoothly. BM Greenpower offers customer support in case of problems or for ordinary maintenance and cleaning operations, e.g. of PV modules.