BM Greenpower


BM Greenpower is a division of BM S.p.A specialized in the construction and management of plants powered by renewable energy sources. Plant design, development and construction are entirely executed by BM Greenpower acting as a general contractor.


As part of an innovative industrial group that grows constantly and thanks to 20 years of experience in the energy sector, BM Greenpower is a reliable partner for sustainable investments.

Combining economic profits with sustainability is not just possible, it is also one of the safest forms of medium-term investment. BM Greenpower meets the challenges of an emergent market with technologically advanced plants and holds shares in companies operating in this sector.

Facts & Figures

The renewable energy sector has been playing a strategic role for the Company since the establishment of BM Group. For twenty years, BM Greenpower has been planning and installing plants combining them with management and control systems based on cutting-edge technology, thanks to the skills acquired inside the Company.

Not only the private sector but also the industrial and the public ones are investing in renewable energy plants, which allow to cut energy costs and comply with sustainable energy policies.

The positive consolidated turnover has allowed BM Greenpowerto anticipatethe market demand and now, through investments in research and development, the Company builds technologically advanced turnkey plants.